CCSi ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Instrument and Gauge Service, Calibration & Certification
A Typical PID Controller CCSi specializes in the service and calibration of many types of measurement gauges including:
  1. Thickness Gauges;
  2. Depth Gauges;
  3. Micrometers;
  4. Balances, Weights & Measures;
  1. Thermocouples and PRTs;
  2. Thermometers & Temperature Controllers;
  3. Pressure & Torque Transducers;
  4. Ozone Monitors & Chambers;
  5. Ovens and Environmental Chambers;
  6. Calipers and More!
Typical Calibration Includes:
  1. Pre—calibration Inspection;
  2. Pre—calibration Report;
  3. Disassembly (where applicable);
  4. Inspection;
  5. Parts Replacement (with prior customer approval);
  6. Reassembly;
  7. Adjustment to Manufacturer's Specifications;
  8. Calibration to Manufacturer's Specifications and Applicable Standards;
  9. Calibration Report;
  10. Certificate of Calibration to applicable Standards including NIST Traceability & ISO/IEC 17025.
Please e—mail CCSi or call 330.376.3600 to discuss your instrument calibration or service needs.
CCSi ISO/IEC 17025 Typical Instrument and Gauge Service, Calibration & Certification
Analog Thickness Gage
Digital Thickness Gage
Dimensional Gage Blocks
Dimensional Gage Blocks (sets)
PRTs, RTDs, & Thermocouples
Liquid in Glass Thermometer — ITS90
Digital Thermometers, Pyrometers, & Non-Contact Thermometers (laser)
Digital & Beam Balances
Mass (less than or equal to 10 lb, 4.54 kg)
Mass (greater than 10 lb, 4.54 kg)
Mass (sets)
Load Cells — Transducers
Pressure Gauges — Transducers
Torque Standard (Viscometer / Rheometer)
Torque Wrench
Brookfield (or similar style) Viscometers
Please Submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  1. Prices quoted are exclusive of repair parts and labor which require customer approval.
  2. Additional charges for repairs are quoted upon completion of inspection.
  3. An inspection fee of $80.00 may be charged if an instrument/gauge is not repaired.
  1. NIST Certification is Included in the calibration service.
  1. Price includes ISO/IEC 17025 certification to a single standard.
  2. Please specify ISO, EN, ASTM, JIS, DIN, BSI, MIL, etc. in the shipping documents.
  3. Certifications to additional standards are $60.00 each.
Expedited Service is Available!
All Calibration Standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The calibration services and reports provided will meet ISO/IEC 17025 and most MIL, DoD, ANSI, ASTM, EuroNorm (EN) and other international standards, as well as proprietary inter—company standards and customer/supplier requirements including those of automobile manufacturers.
ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Calibration Laboratory
“This laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. This laboratory also meets the additional program requirements in the field of calibration. This accreditation also demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and the operation of a laboratory quality management system (refer to joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communiqué dated 8 January 2009).” American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Accredited Laboratory
Calibration Certificate 1424.01
Mechanical Testing Certificate 1424.02

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